What We Do

Our Philosophy is Simple

We reverse-engineer our services

  • through our in-market consultant we find out what the market needs 

  • assist the SME understand the need

  • help the company cater to that specific need by designing a suitable export strategy and route to market that is suitable to both the market,  the company's goals and capacity and the product's capabilities

  • through our in-market consultant we conduct a business matchmaking mission for our clients to meet their potential buyers/business partners

  • Offer our follow-up services as needed

Our services are Market-Centric

Bound by the global market’s ever increasing demand for customized products adjusted to the specifications of buyers in the export market, we designed our services around figuring out real market needs to help our clients adjust their offering accordingly before attempting to access the new market. This increases the chances of successful market entry and longer-term market presence. 

Adjustments required for market entry are oftentimes not merely limited to tweaks in the product and quality but also involve the way of doing business (fast adaptability, traceability, agility, keen and close communication), terms of payment, shipping, labelling and packaging. 


Our job is to get the buyers' feedback about the product and get this "prescription" for our SME clients. Once ready we  help penetrate new markets through business matchmaking.

Our Services  

                                                   Sensical & Effective

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